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Facilitating Deep and Stabilized Liquidity on Base

Infusion is a new AMM protocol that introduces a new standard for the base liquidity layer

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Deep Liquidity Pools
Infusion introduces a new standard for the base liquidity layer. By first incentivizing liquidity providers to lock their liquidity for higher fees, Infusion ensures that the lifeblood of DeFi is locked, stable, and reliable for both users and other DeFi apps
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Provable Liquidity
Provable liquidity enables users to create a digital footprint of their onchain assets and earned fees, while locking in liquidity to support the larger ecosystem. It is a new, more reliable metric than the existing liquidity measurements of current AMMs, since that liquidity may be suddenly withdrawn at any time
Feature 2
Various Pool Types
Infusion offers various pool types, including stable and volatile, catering to different liquidity needs. Stable swaps are equipped with an efficient pricing model and a liquidity curve formula reminiscent of Curve, ensuring stability in the face of market volatility. 
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Infusion is a community driven project with contributors and advisors from various DeFi and infrastructure projects

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Solidifying DeFi for the Next Wave of Innovation

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